after cheetato accidenlty barf in chris's body he somehow become the were cheetah


it all started where cheetato and cheetatha are at the living room

cheetato: you know cheetatha i'm kind of bored

cheetatha: so do i do you want to play the burp game

cheetato: certainly (burp) who is that

cheetatha: oh yeah how about i do it better(burp loudest)

cheetato: oh yeah how about this (burp very loud then barf in  chris's mouth)

chris: yuck becareful now i got cheetha bark in my stomach

cheetato: sorry about that we were just playing the burp game

chris; what's that

cheetatha: it's a game where people burp the loudest wins i guess cheetato wins

chris: why don't you play something else while i'm doing the crossword puzzle on the cotch

later that night

cheetatha: man playing this video game rules

cheetato: i know(checks on his watch) it appears it's about 8:30

they looked at chris acting like a predator

cheetato: what's wrong with him

cheetatha: i'm not sure let's turn this game off then we could sleep

they turned off the game concil and the tv then they went upstairs

chris: i'm gonna eat you (scratches the couch)

the next day.....

cheetato: i sure can't wait to play this game again

cheetatha: so do i

sundennly they see the living room torn apart

cheetatha: what just happen here

they were in the kitchen

cheetato: hey somethings in the fridge

cheetato checked in the fridge but it turned out to be chris in underwear

chris: (woked up) huh what happen

cheetatha: um chris how did you get to that fridge

chris: i don't know all i remember was sleeping on the couch but the next day i don't remember getting in the fridge

anhtony appeared

anthony: well chris i believe that you became the were cheetah

chris: were cheetah

anthony: yes were cheetah

cheetatha: what's a were cheetah

anthony: well a creature also a were cheetah is like a possible powers of a were wolf,and when a cheetah barf gets stuck inside a person's body he or she becomes one

cheetato: this is certainly my fault

cheetatha: no it's my fault i was the one who played the burp game and-

chris; it doesn't matter who's fault it is for right now we need a plan

anthony: that's such a good idea

later that night chris was tied up with chains

cheetatha: no matter how you try just be calm

chris: i hope so

the cheetahs wait for a while but sundenly they fall asleep since 25 minutes

cheetatha:(woked up) hey did we fall asleep

cheetato: i think we did hey where's chris

cheetatha; he might have escape because the chains were broken and there's a giant hole in the wall

at the kitchen

cheetato: there's chris

chris:(as a were cheetah) ( looking for something)

cheetatha: we must try not to make a sound (fart) oops

chris:(as a were cheetah) (looked at cheetato and cheetatha) ROAR!!!!!!!!!

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