commander broccoli joins barranco and his army for a rebirth of the empire


the episode starts on the moon

barranco: what am I gonna do I always lose by the heores

bowser: well why can't you figure out another secret weapon

barranco: i'm trying but-

sudennly an alien ship landed on the moon

barranco: we might have got intruders wonder if it is a new villain

out there that exit the ship was commander broccoli

commander broccoli: I am commander broccoli the commander of my army and I will become your best servent

barranco: outstanding your hired

commander broccoli: now let's defeat the heroes once and for all

at the park

orange; hey gumball hey hey

gumball: yes

orange: why do people call you gumball cause your probably a kitten made out of you hahahahahahahaha

gumball: why can't you just-

sudennly enemy forces landed on the park

gumball: whats that

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