it is like a parody of king pig's dayoff from angry birds craptasic adventures


pink bowser jr and chef cochon decided to take a day off


the episode starts with pink bowser jr and chef cochon sleeping on the bed

barranco: hello guys what ya'll been up to

pink: just sleeping of course I think we should take a day off

barranco: I don't think I would accept that(thought about and talks to his mind) wait a minute if these guys are taking a day off that way I can have peace time(talking to them) actually i'll accept that

pink; okay but no worst buienesses while we're sleeping okay

barranco: uhh sure I guess

pink: good (started falling asleep)

chef cochon and bowser jr:(started falling asleep)

barranco put ear plugs on bowser jr pink and chef cochon

barranco:(came to king pig and bowser) guess what guys these guys are taking a day off so we can have a party

king pig: oh my gosh really that's awesome

bowser: I better tell the guys hey guys

piggies koopas rabbids and robots: yes

bowser: cochon pink and bowser jr are taking a day off

piggies koopas rabbids and robots:YAY

at the park

mordecai: um guys have you notice a little strange

rigby; their supposed to be here


blue: shut up you big fat stupid head

big red: don't call me fat and don't call me stupid

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