Pop's father fires Thomas


Pop's father: Thomas everything you did was wrong and unacceptable you think you better but wrong you seem to be the worst park member in the whole universe

Thomas: I was just doing what mordecai and rigby saids you can't blame me

Pop's father: now since you are calling a dumbo your so fired

Thomas: what all I said you can't blame on me not calling you a dumbo

Pop's father: just get out. Of my life

Thomas: (left)

Pop's father: I need a replacement

Benson appeared

Benson: sir why did you fire Thomas

Pop's father/ it's a long story benson

Benson: I'll see you after work (left)

rayman globox and murphy appeared

rayman: hey mallerd globox murphy and are here for a job

mallerd:hmm i guess so

the next day...

benson: alright guys heres the good news the bad news and the best news the good news is rayman and his friends get hired the bad news is thomas got fired and the best news is the new guy showed up and his name is...

the new guy showed up

benson: dave fongurio

dave: that's my name

anthoner next day dave was in the kitchen

mordecai: hey dave

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