Barranco have created a time machine to change Mordecai and Rigby's past time.


(During on the moon Barranco was making something)

Barranco: Behold, my friends meet my newest invention! (pulls the blanket) The time machine!

King Pig: That's very cool! But how does it work?

Barranco: As you can see, it goes any time  to the future or the past!

Bowser: Yeah! But here's the problem, we don't have an test monkey..

 13 minutes later

Pink: I always wanted to be a test monkey!

Barranco: I probably test this thing by pressing the tim travel button (presses it)

suddenly it teleported to 3,000,000,000,000 B.C.
   3,000,000,000,000 B.C.

Rex: I'm so bored!

Cryatops: me too!

Rex: Do you know what i hate the most?

Cryatops: what?

Rex: Robotic rabbids.

Cryatops: What the heck are robotic rabbids?

 the time machine appeared

Pink: Wow

Rex: Hey! It's the robotic rabbid,let's beat him up.

Pink:(shooting his lazer at the dinosaurs) Stay back you filthy dinosaurs!

Present Day

Barranco: Now, I must teleport him back (presses the button)

 The time machine teleported back to the moon, pink appeared

Barranco: So, how's your day?

Pink: Well, when i sai"Wow after i time traveled one of the dinosaurs were like "Oh! It's the robotic rabbid, let's beat him up!" and I said "Stay back you filthy dinosaurs!" and shoot them with laser.

Barranco: That's it!

Pink: yes it is..

Bowser: how about you, King Pig and I get to time travel to 4 years ago.

Barranco: That's a great i dea Bowser.

King Pig: Seriously.

Barranco,King Pig, and Bowser went to the time machine and teleported to 4 years ago

 August 14 2009

mordecai: that looks awesome

rigby:(swallowed some cereal from his mouth) i know

a time machine that teleported appeared

Barranco: four years aparently my own target.

Bowser: we will have victory to destroy the park members

King Pig: speaking of that where are the others

barranco: it appears that this must be before they meet the others so (aims his lazer at mordecai and rigby) so long suckers (shoots mordecai and rigby)

 Present day from the park

Mordecai: hey guys do you want to hear a joke

Benson, Chris, Cheetato, and Patrick; sure

Mordecai: Why did the-- (sees rigby about to explode)

Rigby: WHAT"S HAPPENING TO ME! AAAHHHHHH(exploded in blood)

Mordecai (about to explode): WHAT THE--(exploded in blood)

cheetato: what the heck just happen

patrick; i'm not sure

chris: is this some sort of weirdness or something

anthony appeared

anthony: according to my mind someone or something has defeated mordecai and rigby by going to the past as time traveling

finn appeared

finn: and i built my time machine more advanced than 15 dollar time machines

finn shows his time machine

finn: lets go bring back mordecai and rigby

finn inputs august 14th, 2009 and the whole gang is sent back

 August 14 2009

mordecai: that looks awesome

rigby:(swallowed some cereal from his mouth) i know

a time machine that teleported appeared

Barranco: four--

the other time machine also appeared but some gang members have dissappeared except for finn and jake but they looked different; finn is renamed pen and always wears his yellow jacket and both of them have appearances from the pilot of adventure time

pen: whoa i loo--what the... my voice is defferent

jake: just cut to the chase

pen: okay...... stop you time altering dishrags!!

barranco: never

pen destroys the time machine


 prestent day

barranco: what i don't under stand how are they exiting again

bowser: i think finn and jake time traveled

king pig: well i got my own time machine to time travel

barranco: great idea

king pig's time machine teleported

august 14 2009

pen: stop you time altering dishrags

another time machine teleported

barranco: not so fast (shoots pen and jake) (looks at past barranco) contenue your mission(teleports)

past barranco: as your wish (shoots mordecai and rigby)

present day

finn: and that's why we bring you back

mordecai; well i was about to (sees finn about to explode)

finn: what the flip(explode in blood)

jake: what happening to me ahhhh(explode in blood)

mordecai: what the (explode in blood)

rigby: is someone trying to mest up time (explode in blood)

cheetato; i don't get it i thought they fixed it

patrick: so do i

timmy appears

timmy: i will fix it

timmy grabs what is leftover from finn is his time device and inputs the date

timmy: august 14 2009

timmy is sent to august 14 2009

 August 14 2009

pen: stop you time altering dishrags

another time machine teleported

barranco: not so--

timmy appeared

timmy: stop!!!

barranco: nevar!!!

barranco shoots timmy but since timmy is a master at dodging he misses everytime he shoots timmy sundennly timmy broke the time machines

barrancos; oh com,on

present day

king pig: looks like these guys are tougher than before

barranco: let's make that the hard way with my beam rifle

bowser: good idea

bowser barranco and king pig teleported

august 14 2009

barranco: not so-

timmy appeared

timmy: sto-

the other barranco appeared

barranco; oh no you don't (kills and burns timmy with his beam rifle) hey Mes contenue your missions (teleported)

past barrancos: as your wish (shhots pen jake mordecai and rigby)

present day

timmy: well everythings under controll this time (explode in blood)

finn: what the (explode in blood)

jake: not another one (explode in blood)

mordecai: well that's just great (explode in blood)

rigby: NOT AGAIN!!!!! (explode in blood)

timon: it appears that barranco is stronger than i thought

pumbaa: totally plus we were out of time machines

patrick: this is bad now that we ran out of time machines  we,re doomed

timon; of cousre we're doomed patrick now barranco is the ruler

pumbaa: which means no bugs either

benson; i got my own tim machine (teleported)

august 14 2009

barranco: oh no you-

benson appeared

benson; (punched barranc0) in your face

barranco: ow

timmy destroyed the time machines

present day

barranco: benson seem to be tough that before

bowser: let's make this another hard way

king pig; good idea

they went to the time machine then teleported

august 14 2009

benson: in your (sliced by barranco with his energy sword)

the other barrnaco; (shoot timmy)

barranco: contenue the mission (teleported)

3 barrancos: as your wish (shoot pen jake mordecai and rigby

present day

benson; so i got things settled (explode in gumballs)

timmy: i thought(explode in blood)

finn and jake:(explode in blood)

mordecai and rigby:(explode in blood)


gumball and darwin appeared

gumball: looking for this???

darwin shows a copy of benson's time machine and inputs the date

darwin: the day they are planning a time machine

the time machine teleported

barranco: so anyways in case we are defeated we use--

gumball and darwin appeared

gumball: hey punks!

gumball and darwin drink the growth potions and grow 1.2 times bigger than the antagonists

gumball and darwin: now die

a minute later barranco king pig bowser and pink are destroyed by gumball and darwin and they shrink to normal size

darwin: hmmph whos the loser now

august 14 2009

pen: stop you time..... altering..... dishrags.....

jake wheres barranco

timmy appeared

timmy: stop?

benson appeared

benson: in......... your........ where is barranco?

present day

chef cochon: these guys are tougher

bowser jr: i knew that

chef cochon; let's do it the hard way

they went to the time machine and teleported

august 14 2009

gumball and darwin: hey you-

bowser jr and chef cochon appeared

bowser jr and chef cochon: oh no you don't (killed gumball and darwin)

barrancos:(killed benson penn jake mordecai and rigby

present day

gumball: so we got things settled this time (explode in blood)

darwin:(explode in blood)

timmy:(explode in blood)

mordecai and rigby:WHAT!?!?!?(explode in blood)

finn and jake:(explode in blood)

benson: oh uh (explode in gumballs)

cheetato: why does it always have to happen everytime somebody explodes

mr turner appeared

mr turner: wheres timmy?

patrick: who the heck is that guy

mr.tirner: i'm timmy turner's dad

Patrick: what is your first and last

mr.turner: my first and my last name

Patrick: yeah

mr.turner: okay timmy tuner's dad\

Patrick: may I see your liscence for a second

mr.turner: sure(gives Patrick the liscence)

Patrick: alright huh timmy turner's dad turner? that doesn't make any sence

chris:WHAT HAPPEN TO ALL OF OUR TIME MACHINES!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

cheetato: what do you mean i mean OUR TIME MACHINES ARE GONE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? but who could've stole it

mitch appeared

mitch: hush down losers i got myself a time machine just in case

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