it is a seguel to trash boat


mordecai changes his name to truck crash and wants to change his real name back


the episode starts when mordecai got his reward

mordecai; now my own new name is truck crash

rigby appeared

rigby: hey mordecai hows it going

truck crash: pretty good (hides the name reward)

rigby: what's that behind your back

truck crash: uhh nothing

rigby:(grabs the reward and reads it) congradulations your new name is truck crash(gets surprise) omg I am so telling(runs to the others) HEY EVERYBODY MORDECAI"S NEW NA-(grabed by truck crash)

truck crash: don't say it

benson; mordecai let go of rigby

truck crash; no ' benson: DO IT OR ELSE YOUR FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

truck crash;(let's go of rigby)

rigby: as I was saying mordecai's new name is

the camera gets to rigby's mouth with echoing sounds

rigby; truck crash

benson: truck crash huh

mitch: hey turck crash how about you talk with my friend( pulls up his shirt with a wolf tattoo on his belly) (immuting the wolfs voice) hey truck trash how about you do benson's work

13 mins later....

truck crash: I can't believe they find out about this

gumball appeared

gumball: hey truck crash hows it going to do your work

truck crash; it was find except that I kept stop thinking about my new name

gumball: hey guys do you like mordecai better or truck crash

mitch; I kinda like truck crash better

skips; I like truck crash better too

truck crash: I need to change my name back

at the court house

truck crash: yeah I like to change my name back to mordecai

cashier: that would be 70 dollars

truck crash: what

cashier: look you need 70 dollars to change your name back

back at the park

rigby: what's going on

truck crash; i'm on a lemonade stand to get 70 dollars for my old name back

rigby: truck crash let me tell you something people can't give you cash cause they like your new name better(left)

truck crash: that couldn't be

the custamers appeared

truck trash: which leomade will you like to drink

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