Ultimate Ultron is joined the Empire along with Ultron Mark 1, Ultron Mark Twelve, Ultron-5, Ultron-6, Ultron-7, Ultrom-8, Ultron-9, Ultron-10, Ultron-11, Ultron-12, Ultron-13, Ultron-14, Ultron-15, Ultron-16, Ultron V, Kultron, Ultron-59, AU Ultron, Gold Ultron, Dark Ultron and Ultron Sentry.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Energy Projection: Ultimate Ultron can release blasts or optic beams of light energy.

Heat Vision: Ultimate Ultron can shoot lasers from their eyes.


Ultimate Ultron has the most advanced and powerful laser and shield weaponry Iron Man designed to engage hostile forces in ranged and melee combat.

He can reshape and auto self repair himself from the heavy blows and attacks he sustained from his foes he engaged in battle.

Becoming a LordEdit

He later joins the Empire and become a new lord of the Empire.