Ultron Sentinels
Ultron Sentinels (Earth-14622) 0001

Character Info Edit

Name Ultron Sentinels
Species Machine
Gender Male
Affiliation Rabbid Empire
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Played By
Status Active (original timeline)
Inactive/Destroyed (revised timeline)

Ultron Sentinels are artificially intelligent robots created and controlled by Rabbid Empire and Ultron. They made their appearance in the episode Days of Present Past. They are making their first movie appearance in Sonic's Laff-A-Lympics the Movie: Riders of the Great and Grand Finale.


Days of Present PastEdit

Task Industries finally developed Kevin's DNA and replicated it into the latest Ultron Sentinels. The Ultron Sentinels began taking over the world in order to destroy the hero threat. At first the Ultron Sentinels only targeted heroes which were either terminated, then they targeted regular humans, animals and aliens who had a chance of having the hero gene passed on to their children, grandchildren, or great grandchildren. Some humans, animals and aliens attempted to rebel and save heroes but those were also targeted, leaving only the worst of humanity left to rule.

Charmcaster to shoot him with a plastic gun, wounding him and then knock him out, deactivating the Sentinels. After Task, the President and his cabinet live, the world sees that a alien saved the President and the Ultron Sentinel program is shut down and Task is arrested for selling military secrets to foreign powers, erasing the dystopian present.