Uncle Roy is the the fourth episode of Season 2 and the sixteenth episode of Regular Show Adventures.


Muscle Man and High Five Ghost rush from a hospital to deliver a lemon tree to Benson. However they are late making Benson furious. He tells them that he sending Mordecai, Rigby and Wally to supervise them, while Muscle Man and High Five Ghost get another lemon tree, and they will supervise them again and again if Muscle Man and High Five screw up, much to Muscle Man and High Five's dismay. As Mordecai, Rigby and Wally come, they travel by cart to the hospital, but Wally passes it stating he knows a "short-cut." However they actually go to get burgers for a lunch break from Mordecai's friend at a burger stand. After lunch, Wally fixes the engines in the cart to make it go lightning-fast. They go very fast and pass the nursery again. Despite Muscle Man's insisting that they need to get the lemon tree, Wally tells them to "chillax." They hang out, play arcade games, etc. Muscle Man and High Five start to like Wally except of his My-Uncle Roy jokes. After Wally tells another one, Muscle Man states he said it wrong and the jokes are suppost to be about the other person's uncle, whereas Wally makes fun of his uncle. Wally gets enraged by this, thinking Muscle Man is making fun of his Uncle Roy and no one makes fun of his and calls his mom. Suddenly, a crack emerges from the ground and a RV covered in flames comes out. Wally's mom comes out and answers her son's call. She takes out a picture of their Uncle Roy and tell Muscle Man and High Five to kiss it. Then they place it on a grill, light a match, burning the photo and make Muscle Man and High Five eat it, much to their dismay. After they eat it, they find out it was a joke and that the photo of Wally's Uncle Roy was actually a picture of his mom's butt but with make-up to make it look like his uncle. Benson comes back and congragulates Mordecai, Rigby and Wally but tells Muscle Man and High-Five Ghost to not screw up again. Afterwards, Wally takes off his handbag and tells another "My Uncle Roy!" joke. Muscle Man says "I really hate Wally", High Five asks if he knows who really hates him which means it was Wally's uncle.


  • Wally
  • Mordecai
  • Rigby
  • Benson
  • Skips
  • Muscle Man
  • High-Five Ghost
  • Delilah


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