Veronica was a character planned to appear in "Modecai and The Rigbys" as Benson's ex-girlfriend. She was to be voiced by Jeniffer Hale, according to the credits of the episode. She was seen in the storyboarded episode of Modecai and The Rigbys as Benson's girlfriend. However, the scene was cut from the episode for an unknown reason, most likely for time limit.Is Known if She Appeard as a Canon Character in:

Early LifeEdit

Benson and Veronica is meet for First time in late 1986.They have Love In First Sight.But Veronica is have Smaller Love than Benson,In "Julyagus and Maulus" she Reclaims if she Doesn't like Benson cause Benson in the80s is Like Flower Power Simmilar in Deleted Scene.

In 1988.Veronica Parents is She Dicide to Working for Her Self.This Shows In Episode "Modecai and the Rigbys"the Deleted Scene is Doesn't appear but in Episode "New 7 Wonder" They tell about the Part.Is Show in 1988 Veronica leave benson in a buss stasion she say "i'm leaving you for a bussinesman And this happen:

  • What bussines did Veronica do?:as a officer of local phone centre in city named Glam City - FACT - In episode The 8 August big day she say if she has been working in there as a officer of local Phone centre.
  • How long did veronica do this work?:At least 15 years - FACT - In new 7 Wonder.her friend Stephen reclaim if Veronica is his Neighbrors And stop in 2003.

Also Veronica Reclaim if Benson never make Money if of that Crap (Flower Power) in one of Her Quotes "Grow Up Benny,You're never going tomake money off that Crap"After That the Bus Leave to Glam City.In Glam City she Live with another Gumball as Neighbor named Stephen,This Appeard in "New 7 Wonder".In 2003 Veronica Leave the Job and Merge to United States Tour with Andrew,Charlie,Jerry,Karen,Terra and Stephen and Arounding America for 10 Years.


She appears to be a gumball machine, like Benson. She wears a coat, and has long hair. No colors were made yet, due to her being still in the design stage.