• Video Games is the first episode made by FOLDINGCHAIR. It is the first episode and the first episode of FOLDINGCHAIR's creation.


Mordecai and Rigby play a lot of video games, and their minds get sucked into the console and have to survive the games in the console.


The episode starts of with Mordecai and Rigby in the house. Benson comes in and sees the mess they created, and Benson yells at them, telling them to clean the mess up or their fired. Mordecai thinks about doing his job properly and not messing it up, and tells Rigby to not mess this one up. Rigby, not listening put a game in the console. Then Rigby starts playing and owns Mordecai. Mordecai tells him that they both could clean up the mess so they can then have their money to buy more video games. Rigby accepts and starts with the couch. *10 minutes later * After the ten minutes, Mordecai and Rigby are done. They go to the videogame-store and select 25% of the games. Then they go home and play the video games.

The video games were 7 fighter games games and 3 racing games ( Mordecai loves racing and loves fighting too, since he beats Rigby all the time at punchies ), so Mordecai starts with the fighter games. He is much better then Rigby and goes to the final stage where Mordecai has to defeat Charger. Mordecai wins. Rigby wants to do Co-op mode. So they both are ganna defeat the best of the best: Knuckle Kick ( also nicknamed as K-K ) and get the gold-diamond medals from the two. Then after the 20 minutes, they see that the living room is trashed again. So Mordecai and Rigby clean the living room, AGAIN. Then the two play the racing games. Rigby starts with the best one in the game. So he starts racing against Boosty, and wins. Mordecai congratulates him for beating the worst boss ever. Rigby has a mad face now. They saw another mode which was Co-op mode. It was pretty strange why they see this mode again. In the fighting games they saw co-op mode. They think its gonna be one of those days. Then they play for 3 hours. Now the living room looks like its super demolished. But then a disgusting monster comes out and takes them alive. Rigby holds on to the couch, while Mordecai hangs on the left side of the table.

With no succes, they get swallowed up into the console. They see all the characters from the games. But one was not a character. It was the evil-disgusting monster who swallowed them into the console. They see the console behind them and the old television. Then they use the remote to start the tv and click the BOOT button to start the console. They see a game ontop of the console, and Mordecai picks it up. Then he puts the game in the console and starts playing it. Then the worst boss dissapears. Mordecai thinks this game can help them from being killed by the bosses and the evil-disgusting monster, but Mordecai has a safe shield that can protect him. Then the worst bosses get defeated. Worst- Not That Worse-Bad-Normal-Pretty Hard-Very Hard-Nyan Nyan to Extremely Hard to Beat. The Evil-Disgusting monster is coming next. The game wasnt needed to defeat the boss. So he took the game and used it as a frisbee to put it in its mouth, and trying to choke him. Then Mordecai gets put in the Real-World, but Rigby is still in trouble. He finds his favorite disk, but he must use it to come to the real world. So he uses that also as a frisbee and the disk comes in the mouth, letting him not breathe. Then the evil monster is dead. Then they decide to play another game. And then the episode ends.


  • Mordecai and Rigby sitting on the couch, doing nothing *
  • Benson comes in * Benson: Hey, you idiots! Look at the mess you created. You'll better clean this mess up, or your FIRED!

Mordecai: But Benson, I din't do anything. I only sat on the couch.

Rigby: I din't do anything either!

Benson : Stop lying and clean this mess up, or your FIRED!

  • Mordecai thinks Work+Done=Videogames *

Mordecai: Dude, let's go clean the mess up, and then we could go get some video games.

Rigby: Ok, but I hope it's not a "trap."

  • 10 minutes later *

Rigby: Man, I'm exhausted. Lets go get some water or something.

Mordecai: Yeah, I feel pretty tired.

  • after taking their break, and getting their bills. they move over to the videogame-store *

Cashier: Hello, how can I help you?

Mordecai: How much do the video games cost?

Cashier: Twentyfourghundred dollars.

  • at home * Mordecai: Yeayuh, videogame awesomness.

Rigby:None are the worthless.

Rigby: Which one could go in?

Mordecai: Anything that my mind could win!


  • Mordecai puts the fighting game in the console *

Mordecai: I go first, dude.

Rigby : Fine.

  • 20 minutes later *

Mordecai: Alright, your turn.

Rigby: What??? I don't want to do the sucky racing games.

Mordecai: But I said i go first.

Rigby: *stressed* FINE

  • 30 minutes later*

Mordecai: Congratulations for beating the worst boss ever

Rigby: Shut up. Wait a minute, if Co-op game was in every game, why did we spend 50 minutes on the games?

Mordecai: Duhh, because they are cool.

  • evil monster comes out *

Mordecai and Rigby: *both scream*

Rigby: Where did he come from and who is he!!

Mordecai: I don't know dude, he probably came from the TV or the console!

  • both get sucked in. Mordecai holds on to the left side of the table, Rigby holds on to the couch *
  • Mordecai and Rigby both wake up*

Mordecai: Uhhh, where am I?

Rigby: I don't know, maybe in the console, or the devil side of gaming, or something?

Evil Monster: Hello, pray. Now prepare to say bye, muahahahha!

Mordecai: *sees the console and tv*

Rigby: There is a disk! Play the game!

  • plays the game and every boss is defeated *

Evil Monster: Huh? Where did you get that from!

Mordecai: Well here is a fresh snack, disgusting piece of junk!

  • throws the disk like a frisbee *

Evil Monster: *chokes and tries to speak*

Mordecai: *escapes*

Mordecai: Pheww! Wait, where is Rigby??

Rigby: Oh no, im trapped! Oh hey, there is a disk...let me think about this..

Hey monster face, fetch this! * throws the disk like a frisbee *

Evil Monster: * chokes and tries to breath or even say a word or sentence *

You...wihl...coommeeeeh...baaaaaak *dead*

Rigby: Hey dude, Im here.

Mordecai: Benson is gonna fire us...

  • a big mess in the living room, with all the games selled by Benson *

Rigby: Atleast I know a way out, dude.

  • episode ends *





Evil Monster

Bosses from the game

Minor CharactersEdit




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