Video Games In Real Life is a fan episode.


  • Mordecai
  • Rigby
  • Benson
  • Skips (minor)
  • Pops (minor)
  • Censon
  • Crex


It was a normal day at the park, Mordecai and Rigby were playing video games and Benson comes in telling them that they have to clean up the park because Censon is coming over, Mordecai and Rigby remember that Censon was their old park boss and that he was nice to them. Mordecai and Rigby are amazed that Censon is coming over again so they race out of the house and start cleaning the park, they forgot they left their video game switched on and the controlers start shaking for a second and then return back to normal state, Pops walks over to the controlers and plays the game since nobody is playing. He presses on a red button on the console and the controlers start shaking again, but this time the console shakes too, this worries Pops as he runs away. After some time, Mordecai and Rigby are done with cleaning the park and they return back to their video game, the controlers and the console start shaking again and Benson comes in and asks them "Are you two slackers done with cleaning the park?" and then they reply "Yes"  Benson thinks they are tricking him, so he shouts at them and they go back outside and Benson sees that the controlers and the console are shaking, he walks away. Censon arrives after a while, and he walks over to Benson and meets him for the first time, he sees Mordecai and Rigby again and high-fives them, he walks over to the house and wants to play some video games with them, Benson asks him "Why do you want to play video games?" and he replies saying "I've had a long time at my work so I decided to take a break" the controlers start shaking again and the console flies up into the air for a minute, then Crex comes out of the TV and blasts lasers at everyone who dodge the shots, Benson says "What is that thing?!" and Censon replies "Its Crex, the worst villain in all video games" and Mordecai tells him "Crex?! I thought we already beat that guy!" Censon then replies "Yes, but he decides to get revenge on whoever beat him and destroyed his base, we have to defeat him" Mordecai and Rigby grab their players armor and the metal gloves, they prepare to fight Crex. Mordecai punches Crex twice in the tummy  but it dealt no damage, Crex flies away to Rigby and hits him in the head breaking his metal helmet and then Benson asks "How do we destroy this monster?" and Censon tells him "Fire, its his only weakness" Censon hands over a flame rock to Mordecai and he throws it at Crex and he breaks a wing. Crex dies after more hits and Censon goes back to his country, Benson then gets mad at the two and takes away their video games for a week. Skips then walks over to the two and tells them that its good they can't play video games for a week because Crex broke Skips' house.

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