Wally Baxter
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Character Info Edit

Name Wally Baxter
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Redish Blue
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Occupation Groundskeeper
Member of Zim's Gang
Affiliation The Park
Zim's Gang
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Played By Phil Lamarr
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Walter Ludwig Vandenbush, A.K.A. Wally the Worker, Wall-Street Wally, or simply just Wally Baxter, first appears in The Mosquito 100 Race.


"Born on August 12th, 1987, he began work in his dad Gary's woodshop when he was 12. But when his father died from AIDS, Wally left the woodshop and switched to mechanic industry with his Aunt Marguerite when he turned 17. In 2012, he worked at a park when Mordecai and Rigby approached him from behind and asked him to modify their golf cart for the upcoming Mosquito 100 Race. He modified the cart, and the three entered the race. They raced around the track listening to Wally's theme song, "Hardware Store". After the race, Benson confronts them at the house, but Wally says they just wanted the cart. Benson then runs to the garage and says there are tons of carts, but the trio can keep the cart for the next 70 years. The three friends then cheer as they enter the house, with Wally as their new best friend."