What Is The Real Intention of Great Leader is episode of The Avenging Regular Show Unlimited: Heroes Wanted.


Secret Team tries to record a warning message to Code Blue.

As Great Leader of Alliance, Warrior Gods Rider Gaim Yami, Warrior Gods Rider Ryugen Yomi, Warrior Gods Rider Duke Yami, Warrior Gods Rider Decade Violent Emotion, Warrior Gods Rider Baron and Warrior Gods Rider Ryugetsu stand alongside the Alliance, the Great Leader of the Alliance in the video announces to the world, "Good luck."


  • (This episode begins with Secret Team)
  • Black Widow: It connected! This is a message for Code Blue. We're Secret Team.
  • Quake: We're sending this message to Code Blue. Great Leader member of the Alliance to find the heroes.
  • Great Leader of Alliance: Everyone, this is Great Leader. I have unfortunate announcement for all of you to all the Super Hero who have protected Earth up til now...... as well as the fools who believe in Super Hero...... the time for revenge has finally come! There is no one left to protect Earth! The planet's history ends here! If you're a fool who believes in Super Hero...... then die in despair and fear! (laughs) Therefore, I ask you all to bow to the Alliance.
  • Black Cat: This was Great Leader's true intention!
  • Great Leader of Alliance: Good luck!
  • [To be continued...]