What Is The World Happen to Alliance? is episode of The Avenging Regular Show Unlimited: Heroes Wanted.


While finding a hiding place, Secret Team to get to New York.


  • Black Widow: We're Secret Team. After revealing his true evil nature... Great Leader has sided with the Alliance and taken over the world. We're the only team left fighting. To stop the Alliance, We need to go to New York.
  • Quake: Our vehicles are here.
  • Black Cat: It's here?!
  • Wendy: But there's no time! We gotta get to New York. Hurry!
  • Jane: Okay!
  • (Secret Team rush away)
  • Warrior Gods Rider Decade Violent Emotion: New York. The heroes defeated their enemies. This is where they are. I call for back up. Kill Secret Team. Start our mission.
  • [To be continued...]