Where Did They Arrive New York? is episode of The Avenging Regular Show Unlimited: Heroes Wanted.


Secret Team arrives in New York. Can Secret Team find Code Blue and warn them?


  • (This episode begins with Secret Team arrives at New York)
  • Black Widow: We're Secret Team. We have finally arrive in New York. But we have no time. We can not stop the Alliance. When Great Leader shows his true evil self, they gonna take over the world. We can not stop them.
  • Black Cat: Even so... we will help the Code Blue!
  • Quake: We will meet the Code Blue!
  • Black Widow: Let's go!
  • (As Secret Team left; Warrior Gods Rider Deacde Violent Emotion in his Machine Decader)
  • Warrior Gods Rider Decade Violent Emotion: So, Secret Team are gonna find Code Blue. Then, I'll tell thw Alliance about it.
  • (Warrior Gods Rider Decade Violent Emotion with his Machine Decader rides away)
  • [To be continued...]


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