Where Will They Get To New York? is episode of The Avenging Regular Show Unlimited: Heroes Wanted.


Secret Team jumping to their vehicles that will lead them to New York.


  • Black Widow (Narrating): We're Secret Team. To stop the Alliance... ...We planned to return to New York with the vehicles. But... Did we wipe them out?
  • Quake: Yes.
  • Black Cat: Decade Violent Emotion is after our life! Go!
  • (Warrior Gods Rider Deacde Violent Emotion arrives with his Machine Decader)
  • Wendy: It's no use.
  • Jane: The one-use the vehicles won't gonna make it.
  • Lucy Mann: No... We will go to New York! To find the Code Blue!
  • (Secret Team hops the vehicles and rides away to New York)
  • Warrior Gods Rider Decade Violent Emotion: Pursue the vehicles.
  • (Warrior Gods Rider Decade Violent Emotion with his Machine Decader rides away)
  • [To be continued...]