Zim's Space Station is in orbit around Earth, and was featured in the episodes Bloaty's Pizza Hog, The Wettening, and Future Dib. Zim uses it as a prison, refuge, and general extension of his base. It can be accessed by teleporter or spaceship, and has at least two escape pods.


In various things/control things remotely. The inside color scheme is red-gray for the control room, and gray and black for the rest of the station.

Facts of DoomEdit

  • In Bloaty's Pizza Hog, Gaz looks out the window and sees Earth. She dismisses it, but when she passes by another window, four objects can be seen: Earth, the Moon, and two other moons that don't exist anywhere near Earth in reality.
  • Although it closely orbits Earth, the station is totally ignored by the people of Earth, which would imply that Zim has it cloaked somehow... Or that the planet's inhabitants are simply oblivious as usual.